The Indian Student Association Maastricht (ISAM)

When deciding to study at Maastricht University, The Netherlands, you may wish to get in touch with ISAM – The Indian Student Association Maastricht. ISAM was established & Promoted by MU-India institute to mingle with the various (inter)national communities to promote social and cultural exchange. It is a Not for Profit association managed voluntarily by some elected posts and supported by other friends. It gives a platform to the young and vibrant students joining the University to know other colleagues and students. It also helps them to familiarize with the Dutch customs and traditions. With time it has been become a vital tool for social and professional Networking and helping the Indian students feel ”Home Away from Home” especially in the earlier few months. ISAM regularly conducts different Indian cultural events, city trips, regularly. In year 2010-11 it was received with good accolades from Media and local people for the socializing efforts. Should you, therefore, like to receive an authentic Indian perspective on student life in Maastricht, please do not hesitate to directly contact ISAM via their facebook page:!/groups/166991523333772

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