Getting around

Maastricht a middle large city (for Dutch standards) and has approximately 125.000 inhabitants of which 13.100 are students. The university and the inflow of international students have led to the development of Maastricht as an international student hub. Therefore, the city has all the facilities a student can wish for. There are plenty of opportunities to do sports, play music, go jogging in parks, have a drink and travel around.

When living in the Netherlands, you will be able to enjoy a safe, reliable and clean public transportation system. Maastricht is not a very widespread city and has a good bus-system in place. Traffic is easy-going and safe. Furthermore, you can almost all the time walk or use a bicycle to go from one place to the other.


The easiest way to get around in beautiful Maastricht is by bicycle. Almost everyone makes use of it at any time of the day. There are numerous bicycle lanes and almost every spot of the city is easily reachable by bicycle. This makes cycling a safe and fun endeavour.


Maastricht is abundant in bus stations that render travelling from one part of the city to another very convenient. Moreover, you may take a direct bus line from Maastricht to Aachen, Germany and Li├Ęge, Belgium. This bus ride operates several times a day and will take you one hour approximately.


Maastricht has got its own train station from which you can travel to all Dutch cities, such as Utrecht, Eindhoven or Amsterdam. Like the bus service, the Dutch railway system is safe, reliable and clean.

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