City of Maastricht

Life in Maastricht

Dutch society is famous today for its ability to adapt to and embrace elements of other cultures and languages. Nowadays, as flat as the country seems geographically, as accentuated and vivid is its cultural landscape. The city of Maastricht is, together with capital city Amsterdam, spearheading international activities and inter-cultural atmosphere of the country.

When living in Maastricht you will be part of an open-minded and equal society. Maastricht is one of the safest and friendliest cities of Europe, where high living -and education standards guarantee a high level of well-being. Maastricht is a city with a true international atmosphere. It is the birthplace of the European Union and a cultural city that pursues many border-crossing activities. Maastricht links the bordering regions in Germany and Belgium through political, economic and cultural cooperation. The city still develops its Europeanization activities. For example, the bordering regions are well included in Maastricht’s bid to become the European cultural capital in 2018, which would generate massive European and global attention. As the oldest city of the Netherlands and one of the main monumental cities of the Netherlands, Maastricht functions as the Dutch gate to Europe.

The city’s history and international activities served as a solid base for Maastricht University to be developed in 1976. Since then, the city has grown to become a magnet for national and most of all international students. The inter-cultural vibe that the city radiates and its rich student life, accommodation and activities make the city a true international student oriented city.

Images of Maastricht

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