Applying to Maastricht University happens through a completely digitalized process. In order to make your application-process as smooth as possible, the MERC-team can assist you in your application. At the moment you decide to study at Maastricht University, we will contact you to provide the required information. From then on we keep you up-to-date on your status and guide you until you are admitted to the programme.

Obtaining admission for a Bachelor programme runs via Maastricht University’s central Admission office. Obtaining admission for a Master’s programme runs via the admission office of the Maastricht University faculties. In any case, the same application procedure has to be followed and will be conducted by the MERC-team.

To apply to a UM programme, complete the following steps:

1. Register in Studielink

To request an enrolment in Studielink, please take the following steps:

1. Apply for an account in Studielink ( First click on the British flag for English. Choose ‘Request Log-in details’. Answer the questions and you will receive an email with your Studielink login details within minutes.

2. Login to Studielink, set a personal password, enter your personal data and select ‘new enrolment application’.

3. Select ‘Universiteit Maastricht’ and then the programme of your choice.

You will then need to provide:

* Diploma or diplomas which you have obtained or will obtain. Please note, that there is no option for Bachelor degrees. You will have to select ‘other’ and manually type in the information.

* Payment information such as bank account number from which your tuition fees will be paid. This information can only be changed via the university and not in Studielink so please give a bank account only when you are sure it will be used to pay the fees.

* You will receive several confirmation e-mails from Studielink that do not require follow-up. Maastricht University will now contact you to finish you application in the Maastricht University portal (MyUM portal) within 3 days max. This Maastricht University e-mail consists of a confirmation and MyUM log-in details. You need these to continue your application.

2. Apply and register via the My UM portal

Once you have submitted your application via Studielink, you will receive an email from Maastricht University containing login details for the My UM portal, where you can finish the application process. Please use a recent edition of Internet Explorer to fill in the application.

Note: Some programmes like Private Master’s are not listed in Studielink. Thus these programme do not require Studielink registration. In these cases you can proceed directly to making a MyUM account:

*Go to the MyUM-portal by following the link in the e-mail (also to be found on, on the right side) and fill out the Adobeforms. Many answer fields already contain text, based on the information you gave in Studielink. Please note that Hindi or other Indian languages are unavailable in the ‘native language’ section. You may choose English instead.

* Please finish all forms at once. Once you have ended and confirmed your application you can’t get back in anymore. In Studielink you can adjust information after saving.

3. Upload documents

You can finish you application by uploading the relevant documents in the MyUM portal. When you log in to MyUM, you can see an option ‘upload documents’ on the left. You don’t need to upload all the documents at once.


* Statement of Purpose (letter of motivation)
* Two reference letters (academic, but in rare cases also professional)
* GMAT or GRE score (if applicable)
* TOEFL/IELTS score (if applicable)
* Copy of diploma(s)
* Copy of grades
* CV
* Passport copy
* Portrait photo
* Essay on programme related issue (if applicable)

The admissions Board will assess your application and make a decision within 4-5 weeks in most cases, sometimes longer for the School of Business and Economics as they receive a very large number of of applications. You will receive an email to inform you if you are either admitted, conditionally admitted (e.g. when a document is still missing) or not admitted.

If you are admitted or conditionally admitted, you will receive the invoice of the tuition fees, also by email. Finish your registration by returning the signed invoice and a certified copy of your diploma. You can either send it by post (Maastricht University, SSC-Registration Office, PO Box 616, 2100 MD Maastricht), or hand it in at the desk in the Visitors’ Centre. Please make sure that you have also entered the payment details in Studielink or your payment cannot be processed!

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